Old Bay Delivers Tasty Sandwich and $10,000 Prize

A retired plumber from Baltimore City identified himself as a longtime Pick 4 player, but said that until very recently he had never purchased a scratch-off ticket. That changed during a visit to York Road for one of Baltimore’s famous Lake Trout sandwiches.

He visited Rosen’s Liquors at 5411 York Road in Baltimore City to buy his Pick 4 tickets after having placed his sandwich order at a nearby restaurant. As he was purchasing his tickets, he noticed the OLD BAY® Bucks scratch-offs on display.

“The last thing I said when I ordered my sandwich was to put pepper and Old Bay on it,” he said. “So I said, ‘Let me try this Old Bay ticket.’”

It turned out to be a move even more tasty than the sandwich.

When he got home, he scratched the ticket and revealed $10,000 in prizes, but being a novice scratch-off player, he wasn’t sure about the result.

“I called up my cousin, because she plays scratch-offs a lot,” he said.

After his cousin verified that he had, indeed, won $10,000, he began to celebrate. The largest prize he’d ever won playing Pick 4 was $100. The lucky winner said he plans to use his OLD BAY® Bucks prize money to buy a new bed and to pay off his car.

The OLD BAY® Bucks ticket launched in June, and this was the first of its $10,000 top prizes to be claimed. There are still five more $10,000 prizes, nine $5,000 prizes, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $2 to $1,000.