Olney Man Cleans Up at Laundromat

Bill Hicks - Get Rich

Bill Hicks of Olney won $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery Get Rich scratch-off.

Wins $50,000 Playing Get Rich Scratch-off

Have you ever found money in a pants pocket when putting clothes in the washing machine? Bill Hicks of Olney found more than spare change while doing laundry over the weekend. He cleaned up at a Laundromat with a Maryland Lottery Get Rich scratch-off ticket worth $50,000.

His luck changed for the better early Saturday morning. He was sitting in a local Laundromat, bored while waiting for his clothes to finish. He decided to play a $20 Get Rich scratch-off to pass the time. Right time, right place, right ticket.

“I kept seeing matches as I scratched more and more of the ticket,” the Montgomery County accountant told Lottery officials. “I saw $5,000 here, $5,000 there. When I finished scratching and realized the ticket was worth $50,000, I just knew I was missing something, that I wasn’t reading the rules correctly.”

His next step? He phoned home. “I called my wife right away. She was barely awake but pretty excited,” the 43-year-old said. “We had a great weekend with lots of celebrating.”

Bill plans to pay off his car with his winnings and may take his wife and two children on a trip to Disney World. He found his good fortune at the Aspen Hill Laundromat, 14021 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. The Lottery’s Get Rich instant game is now all out of $50,000 winners, but scratch-off players can look for the $1 million top-prize winning ticket in stores as well as 10 tickets with a $10,000 prize and 11 tickets with a $5,000 prize.