Olney Man Finds Double His Luck with Hoards of 100’s Scratch-off

Michael O'Donnell - Hoards of 100's

Olney resident Michael O’Donnell doubled his $5,500
Hoards of 100’s
scratch-off prize to $11,000 with the
$2 Top Prize Doubler promotion!

$5,500 Scratch Prize Doubled to $11,000 Thanks to Lottery Promotion

Michael O’Donnell’s favorite scratch-off, Hoards of 100’s, delivered him two doses of Lottery luck within one week.  The first time was when he found out his ticket was a top-prize winner.  The second time occurred when he learned of a promotion that would double his $5,500 prize to $11,000.

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Mr. O’Donnell enjoys all of the Lottery’s $2 scratch games, but Hoards of 100’s is the one he looks for.  “It has been very lucky for me.”  The 59-year-old Verizon employee scratched his ticket from the bottom to the top – a ritual that he believes brings him good fortune. The last number he scratched was the one he needed to win the game’s $5,500 top prize.  It wasn’t until the next day, though, that he realized that a Lottery promotion, which doubles all $2 instant ticket top prizes through July 31, would convert his $5,500 prize into an $11,000 win.

O’Donnell, whose birthday is this month, plans to put his winnings in the bank. The winning ticket was purchased at the E&C Enterprises, located at13990 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring.