On-Call Nurse Strikes it Rich with Lottery Scratch-off

Wins $50,000 top prize; one $50,000 top-prize still remains

A Baltimore-area registered nurse can diagnose her recent nerves and excitability to a case of ‘Lottery fever’ she recently developed.  The 59-year-old and her boyfriend recently scratched their way to a $50,000 Strike it Rich top prize

After buying some scratch-offs the couple returned home, split the tickets and began to scratch them. She had almost completed scratching her ticket when she got a glimpse of a prize, but wasn’t sure what to think. “I just saw zeroes and zeroes and I got scared. He had to finish scratching the ticket,” she said. When they were done, the reality of the win took some time to sink in. “We just kept saying to ourselves, we just won $50,000,” she said. The couple took turns pinching each other. “We had to make sure we weren’t dreaming the same dream,” said the winner.

The scratching duo has several plans for their windfall. In addition to church contributions and shopping, the win will allow the couple to accomplish a dream. Her boyfriend, an aspiring songwriter and author, hopes to use the winnings to publish his first book of songs and poems. The winning ticket was purchased at Oakleigh Convenience Store in Baltimore.