‘Once In a Blue Moon’ Lottery Purchase Brings $50,000 Win

Frederick man claims top prize on Stacks of Ca$h scratch-off

He stopped at Giant Eagle grocery for one reason and one reason only, a Frederick resident told Maryland Lottery officials.  His assignment: Buy ingredients for his family’s dinner. He found himself with time to kill because one item on his list was taking a few minutes to prepare.

“I almost never play,” said the 42-year-old. “It just never occurs to me to get a ticket.” As luck would have it, Lottery games were within easy view that day as he waited for his order in the Frederick store.

“If I didn’t have to wait for the chicken and if the Lottery vending machine wasn’t right there, I wouldn’t have bought this one,” he said. “This one” was a Stacks of Ca$h scratch-off and, even before his grocery order was completed, the $5 game would produce a $50,000 dessert for his wife and children to enjoy.

When the pest control specialist revealed a $50,000 match on his scratch-off, he remained calm on the outside. “I didn’t really react in a way that anyone there might notice, but it was crazy inside my head.” He was so excited that he really had to concentrate on what he was doing when completing his purchase. “Just pulling out my wallet and digging out the right amount took extra work,” he said. “My mind really was going 1,000 miles per hour.”

The Frederick County family will dedicate the winnings to paying down several bills and taking a vacation they’ve discussed for years. The lucky Stacks Of Ca$h game debuted in March 2019 with seven top prizes. The $50,000 prize that our winner found at Giant Eagle #1841, which is located at 1275 W. Patrick Street in Frederick, leaves two more top prizes in circulation. The management of the lucky grocery store also win, because the Lottery will give the retailer a $500 bonus for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off in the game.