One Afternoon — Two $100,000 10X Cash Scratch-Off Winners [VIDEO]


Welcoming a $100,000 scratch-off winner to Lottery Headquarters doesn’t happen every day. Welcoming two $100,000 winners, both on the same scratch-off, both at the same time, doesn’t happen – ever! “I believe this was a first,” said a Maryland Lottery official.

A few weeks back, John Harrison, the first of the two 10X Cash winners, stopped by the Glenmore Exxon in Baltimore to purchase a few scratch-offs. He never imaging that one of those tickets would lead to a $100,000 win. After discovering his good fortune, John stayed up all night thinking of a place to hide the ticket. “I finally decided to hide it in a Webster’s dictionary,” said the 52-year-old. “I kept the ticket where the word ‘lottery’ was spelled out. The towing company employee intends to continue his simple lifestyle, putting the money away for his future.

The second of the $100,000 winners hails from Gaithersburg. The 49-year-old is a big fan of the 10X Cash ticket and bought three of them on his lucky day. “I went to the store and bought two 10X Cash tickets, neither of which was a winner.” With $20 remaining in his pocket, he then debated whether to buy another 10X Cash ticket or perhaps play a game of Keno. Finally, after ruminating several minutes, he bought the 10X Cash. “I scratched and saw I had a match,” said the single postal worker. “I started hopping up and down and shaking once I knew how much I won.” The winner, who purchased his ticket at Food Express in Gaithersburg, intends to invest his prize money.