‘One More for the Road’ Leads to $50,000 Maryland Lottery Win

Washington, D.C. man claims top prize on Big Cash Multiplier scratch-off

Big Cash MultiplierA Maryland Lottery scratch-off player who heeded his friend’s advice to play one more Big Cash Multiplier ticket before they hit the road came out of the gas station, winning scratch-off in hand.

His patient friend had sent him repeatedly back into the Silver Spring business to buy one more of the $5 scratch-offs. The Washington, D.C. resident had said he felt sure he would win something that day. At first, he played Big Cash Multiplier scratch-offs number 38 and 39 and didn’t win. His friend sent him back into the business. He bought ticket number 40, and didn’t win. Back inside the store he went.

“I felt like, something is going to happen,” said the 49-year-old Montgomery County government worker. After his patient friend, who sat in the car the entire time, sent him back into the station our lucky player bought ticket number 42.

His persistence paid off. “He came back to the car and was, like, ‘Tell me this is real,’ ” said the patient friend, who accompanied his pal to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to watch him claim his $50,000 top prize. The winner said he only buys scratch-offs when he is with his patient friend, who is an experienced player.

Our winner, who works in the public health field, plans to spend his winnings on bills and a trip to Paris. He found his lucky ticket at the Silver Spring Gulf station at 8600 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. The game, which launched in November, still has four $50,000 top prize winning tickets out in the stores and 10 second-tier $5,000 tickets available.