One More Ticket for Prince George’s Nurse

Wins $40,000 Playing Prize Line Bingo Scratch-Off

Nursing is the most rewarding job I. Cole of Landover Hills has ever known, she’d never even consider another line of work.  At the end of the day, though, it can be exhausting.  One thing she does to relax on the way home, she told lottery officials today, is to play scratch-off tickets.  As a result, Ms. Cole’s trip home yesterday was particularly memorable, as was her Tuesday morning.

“I picked out a few tickets and saw that I had $3 in change coming back,” today’s winner told us.  “On a whim I decided to add a $3 Prize Line Bingo ticket to my purchase.”  You can probably guess the rest of the story.  She scratched her tickets there in the store and saw that there was something special with that last ticket, that extra one she’d added on.  Careful study told her it was a winner, but she refused to believe.  “I didn’t tell anyone.  I was sure it would turn out to be a mistake.”

No mistake.  After the excitement of claiming her $40,000 prize had lessened a bit, Ms. Cole told officials she had to hurry along to work.  “My patients are expecting me.  I wouldn’t let them down even if this check was $40 million.”  She stayed long enough to share with us that part of her winnings would go to family here in Maryland and elsewhere.  The rest will go into the bank – there are downsizing rumors at her job and, though, she’s had other offers, the money will allow her to not worry about the near future as much as she might have.

Ms. Cole’s lucky lottery store is the Landover Hills Exxon station, 6579 Annapolis Rd. in Landover.