One Ticket Adds Up to $10,000 Powerball Win for Poolesville Man

Ronald Chazin - PowerballOne. Just one. That’s all the Powerball and Mega Millions tickets that Ronald Chazin ever buys. “I buy just one for every drawing, no matter how big the jackpot,” said Ronald. His tactic paid off to the tune of $10,000 on May 15th when he matched four numbers and the Bonus Ball to win Powerball’s third-tier prize.

Ronald discovered his good fortune when he scanned his ticket at Gude Deli, the retailer where he makes all his Lottery purchases. “My ticket said something it never had before,” said the Project Manager for a mechanical contractor. “It really didn’t click that I was a big winner.”

Ronald then gave the store clerk his ticket to check. He nearly hit the floor when the numbers kept matching. “My friend who was with me was whooping and hollering,” he said.  “I was numb. My biggest win in the past was $3.”

The divorced father-of-two boys intends to put a portion of his winnings in the bank and buy some needed things that he had been putting off purchasing. There’s also some fun on the agenda, as he plans to take a nice summer vacation with his sons.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased at Gude Deli, located at 14809 Southlawn Dr. in Rockville.