One Week Adds Up to Two Big Mega Millions, PowerBall Scratch-off Wins

Baltimore Woman Wins Second $100,000 Top Prize

On November 1st, the Maryland Lottery’s new Mega Millions/Powerball scratch-off landed on store shelves and only one week later two very happy players have landed the ticket’s top prize.

The latest $100,000 winner from Baltimore City is a big fan of Lottery games, although she never imagined actually striking it rich. This past Saturday proved her wrong, when her purchase of an Instant Mega Millions/Powerball scratch-off yielded the big payoff. “This is just wonderful and tremendous fun,” said the 50-year-old.

The delighted player revealed her win via her usual method of play. First, she scratched the WINNING numbers on the ticket, then the YOUR numbers section. She then scratched the money amounts of the numbers. Upon revealing that she had all five of the winning numbers, each for $10,000, she thought she had won $50,000.  However, to her amazement when she scratched the Powerplay area, it revealed she had 2X the prize amount which made her total jackpot a whopping $100,000.  “I was so excited,” she said. “I immediately told my sister and we literally jumped for joy.” After their celebration, she called her son with the great news.  With her newfound wealth, the winner intends to buy a new car and share her prize with her family.  “This has changed my life,” she said.

The winning ticket was purchased at American Eagle Money Center in Mondawmin Mall, located at 2401 Liberty Heights Ave. in Baltimore City. The Instant Mega Millions/Powerball ticket, which launched this past Monday, still has five $100,000 top prizes remaining.  Along with cash prizes, players can win a quick pick Mega Millions ticket with Megaplier and a Powerball ticket with Power Play.