One Week, Three Big Frederick Winners

Monrovia Woman Wins $10,003 Playing Powerball

Powerball with Power PlayWinonna Sue McFarland buys two Powerball tickets every Tuesday. The tickets are Quick Picks and she always purchases them at the same Lottery retailer. Last week, her weekly ritual paid off to the tune of $10,003, producing the third big win in Frederick in just a week’s time.

The soft-spoken Monrovia resident arrived at Lottery Headquarters this morning with her daughter Cheryl in tow to claim her third-tier prize from last Wednesday’s Powerball drawing. “Every Tuesday before Bingo I buy two tickets,” said Winonna. “I check my numbers on TV on the Thursday morning news.”

Winonna realized that she had won after viewing the numbers, but was skeptical nonetheless. “I checked three times. I didn’t think it was right.” Once convinced, Winonna headed to her daughter’s house to share the news. “Then, I was like ‘woo-hoo,” said Winonna. When her other two children learned of her good fortune they said, “You’re kidding mom, we won’t believe you until we see the ticket.”

Their doubts will soon be put to rest as the grandmother-of-five and great-grandmother-of-five, intends to share her windfall with her family. When asked if she planned on doing anything for herself, the winner’s daughter interjected, “We told her she should head straight to Las Vegas.” Though Winonna doesn’t intend to play in Vegas, she will continue playing the Maryland Lottery. In fact, in parting the 69-year-old said, “Hope to see you soon.” The winning ticket was purchased at Browns Discount Liquors, located at 908 E. Patrick St. in Frederick.