Orioles Fan Hits Grand Slam with Baseball Bucks Scratch-off

Somerset County woman bought ticket for second-chance contest

214-Baseball-Bucks-ITVMA Maryland Lottery Baseball Bucks scratch-off rookie who bought a ticket in hopes of winning $500 in the game’s second-chance contest instead hit a bases-loaded home run, capturing the ticket’s $50,000 top prize.

The happy tears that had reportedly been flowing since Saturday afternoon had stopped by the time the retired teacher arrived at Lottery headquarters on Monday. The Princess Anne woman was still emotional about her $50,000 scratch-off win.

“I’m really not a Lottery player,” said the 64-year-old mother of four and grandmother of three. “I only played because of the contest that comes with the ticket.”

The Baseball Bucks scratch-off has the popular Contestant of the Game second-chance contest. Contestants win $500 right off the bat and $500 for every home run an Orioles player hits in a specific game. However, only non-winning Baseball Bucks scratch-offs are eligible for entry in the second-chance contest.

“My husband and I are fans and we’ve always wanted to be ‘Contestants of the Game,’ ” she said.

The happy Somerset County winner and her husband found the lucky $5 scratch-off at the Eden Quick Stop at 31680 Eden Allen Road in Eden. “I scratched it as we were driving home,” she said. “I told my husband to pull over – I was worried that when I told him we’d won $50,000 that he might lose control of the car!”

They plan to share their winnings with their family and to take care of debts. Baseball Bucks still has three $50,000 top prizes remaining. To learn more about the Baseball Bucks second-chance contest, visit mdlottery.com/baseball.