Orioles Scratch-off Prize Caught By Pennsylvania Couple

The $60,000 win came days before their 30th anniversary

140-Orioles-ITVMA Pennsylvania man stopped at Village Liquors in Emmitsburg on Tuesday to pick up a few things, including the popular Orioles scratch-off. When his first ticket revealed a $10 prize, he decided to parlay his win for two more of the baseball-themed scratch-offs. A decision that earned him a $60,000 top prize win!

“I never turn my winnings back in for more tickets,” the man explained. “For some reason I decided to do that.”

The man was in his truck when he revealed the prize.

“He sat there for half an hour just staring at the ticket,” his wife teased. “When he got home he told me we needed to talk.”

Expecting bad news, his wife took a deep breath and waited for her husband to share his news. He pulled out the ticket and handed it to his wife. Together they looked at the scratch-off and confirmed their win.

While the drive was a little over an hour and a half from Fairfield, Pa., the couple didn’t mind the extra time together. “We had a few reasons for coming in today. Well I guess you could say we had 60,000 reasons to come in,” the woman laughed. “We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last weekend so this came at a good time.”

The lucky couple is still trying to decide what to do with their winnings, but one thing is already set in stone. “We’re going to Ocean City for a vacation,” the woman said. “We love to eat at certain places and visit places like Assateague.”

The winning Orioles scratch-off was purchased at the Village Liquors located at 101 Silo Hill Rd. in Emmitsburg. There is one remaining top prize on the ticket and seven remaining $5,000 prizes.