Out of the Norm Activities Lead to Out of the Norm Win

Pennsylvania Woman Takes Home $50,000 Triple Green Crossword Prize

A 65-year-old Pennsylvania woman changed her normal routine yesterday and ended up with more than some extra change in her pocket. The lucky winner stopped at a store she doesn’t normally patronize where she bought a Triple Green Crossword scratch-off.  She scratched the ticket in her car, another thing she doesn’t normally do. “I won on that ticket and took it back into the store and instead of cashing it, I bought another ticket,” she said. “I never do that either.” Good thing she was not having a normal day, because that scratch-off was a $50,000 winner.

The Lottery fan went back in the store, thinking she had only won $20 or $30, when the cashier told her that she needed to cash it at the Lottery. “He told me ‘that means you won something big,’” said the restaurant employee. Not believing her good fortune, the winner took the ticket to her regular store and had them verify the win.. “My knees buckled, I had to go home and sit down,” she said with a sigh.

The winner then waited anxiously for her husband to come home to share the news. “She finally hit a big one,” he said. The mother-of-three said she is going to put the winnings towards their retirement. The ticket was purchased at Maugans Avenue BP in Hagerstown.