Over $4.6 Million Paid to Pick 4 Players

0-0-0-0 Breaks the Bank

Pick 4Pick 4 players have always loved quadruple numbers.  Nobody is quite sure why, but quads have always been a popular pick.  The last time a quadruple number hit in Maryland was when 1-1-1-1 came out on August 30, 2008.  That is, until today when the midday Pick 4 drawing produced 0-0-0-0.  For nearly 1,900 players, this weekend got off to a very good start.

The drawing took in $285,884 in total sales and the payout was 1,637 percent, or more than $4.6 million.  Those who placed a $1 bet took home $5,000 and winners with a $.50 wager received $2,500 each.  The last time 0-0-0-0 was drawn in Maryland was 1995.

“We are very excited that so many players are celebrating today,” said Lottery Communications Director Carole Everett.  “There are a lot of happy things going on at the Maryland Lottery this week with Powerball sales starting on Sunday, and this is the icing on the cake.”

The Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings are held twice daily — midday and evening, seven days-a-week.