Owings Mills Financial Worker Set to Invest $50,000 Powerball Prize

Discovers big win in the middle of his workday

An Owings Mills resident who has been playing Powerball for more than six years when the jackpots roll beyond $200 million finally had his strategy pay off. While he didn’t win the jackpot, the lucky player was all smiles as he visited Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to collect a $50,000 prize.

The financial industry employee said he usually lets the Lottery terminal quick pick his numbers for Powerball and Mega Millions, which he also enjoys playing when jackpots are high. On Sept. 14, he visited New Town Wine & Spirits in Owings Mills and spent $10 for five lines of Powerball numbers. He didn’t watch that night’s drawing, saying – with a smile– that “I guess I had low hopes.”

The second line of numbers on his ticket matched four of the five numbers drawn on Sept. 14, and also matched the red Power Ball number to deliver a $50,000 prize. The next morning, the 34-year-old and a co-worker were looking at the numbers when realization of his good fortune started to set in.

“I saw the numbers and I said, ‘That one’s good, that one’s good, that one’s good,’” he said. “We looked at it together and I said, ‘Is this real?’ ”

He had little time for a celebration between work obligations and a desire to keep the good news as quiet as possible. The lucky winner has told very few people about his good fortune.

“I had to keep it quiet,” he said. “I had a lot going on. After that initial shock, it was right back to work. I had a meeting to go to.”

The Baltimore County resident said he planned to put most of his winnings into investments, but is also thinking about treating himself to a new set of golf clubs and a new computer. Want to visit his lucky Baltimore County retailer? New Town Wine & Spirits is located at 9740 Groffs Mill Drive in Owings Mills.