Owings Mills Spouse Saves $1 Million Lottery Ticket from Trash

Winner claims top prize on Instant Millionaire scratch-off game

192-Instant-Millionaire-ITVM_P4-greenAn Owings Mills resident has his wife to thank for winning a $1 million top prize in the Maryland Lottery’s Instant Millionaire scratch-off game.

The 71-year-old business owner scratched the $20 ticket on the evening of June 30, but didn’t think he had won anything.

“I was going to throw it in the trash,” he said, “but my wife looked at it. She is more accurate than me.”

The couple has been married 39 years, and, thanks to her decision to check the ticket, are now $1 million richer. “It’s unbelievable … I’m just surprised and excited,” said the lucky winner.

The Baltimore County resident said he decided to buy an Instant Millionaire ticket after consulting mdlottery.com and seeing that two of the three $1 million top prizes in the $20 game had still not been claimed. There is only one remaining $1 million prize and five unclaimed $50,000 prizes.

The winner said he has been hoping to expand his business, and was trying to figure out how to get a loan in order to do it. He added that his Lottery prize will provide him with exactly enough money to carry out his business plans.

“It’s exactly the amount I need and at the time I need it,” he said with a smile.

The winner found his $1 million worth of Lottery luck at Liberty Wine & Spirits, 3526 Brenbrook Drive in Randallstown. The store will earn a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket.