Parking Attendant Finds Lots of Luck with ‘The Big $10 Ticket’

No validation needed – $10,000 prize paves the way for bright future

The-Big-$10-Ticket-ITVM_2016A BWI parking attendant discovered the equivalent of a primo space on a crowded lot when he found a $10,000 prize on The Big $10 Ticket scratch-off game.

The lucky 19-year-old, who told Maryland Lottery officials he rarely plays instant tickets, will occasionally purchase one if he has change is in his pocket. Last weekend, he had a $10 bill and bought one of The Big $10 Ticket scratch-offs from John’s Liquor & General Store at 812 Duval Highway in Pasadena.

The Anne Arundel County man scratched the instant ticket off at home, matching a number to win the big prize. His previous record win was a mere $5. The surprise of winning stunned him a bit, he said. “I just stared at the ticket for a while.”

The Pasadena resident has plans for a new career as well as for his winnings. He plans to enter an Anne Arundel County police officer training program and bank his prize for future needs.

The Big $10 Ticket went on sale last November. There are still five unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, 22 more $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $5 to $1,000.