Parkton Granny Wins Second $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

Finds luck playing VIP Club game

The saying that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice doesn’t hold true for Maryland Lottery players and big prizes! Known as “McGee’s Granny,” one such lucky player from Parkton won $50,000 twice and she couldn’t be happier.

The Baltimore County resident broke with her scratch-off routine and found her latest big win on a VIP Club instant ticket.

“I never buy $30 tickets,” said “McGee’s Granny,” looking at her husband as they sat together in the Lottery Winner’s Circle. “But after a $50 win on another scratch-off, I decided to pick one up.”

The 75-year-old woke up early the day of her big win to work in the garden. She then visited Meadowcroft Exxon located at 300 Mt. Carmel Road in Parkton. The grandmother of five used her $50 winnings from another instant ticket to purchase one $20 scratch-off and the lucky $30 VIP Club scratch-off.

“McGee’s Granny” then went home and put the instant tickets away to enjoy later. Once the retired supermarket employee finished her work, she sat at her table and started scratching off the games. Suddenly, the lucky lady saw a strange symbol — a stack of coins — that indicated she instantly won the prize hidden beneath the symbol. Further scratching revealed $50,000!

“The first person I told was my husband. Then, I took a picture of the ticket and sent the photo as a surprise to both of my kids,” said “McGee’s Granny.”

The two-time winner plans to use the money to help her adult children and grandchildren. “McGee’s Granny” has already spent the first $50,000 prize, which she won about six years ago on a crossword instant ticket, to pay off debt and save for a rainy day.

The $30 VIP Club game debuted in February. Four of its $2 million top prizes are still in circulation along with five more $50,000 second-tier prizes. This popular game has more than 730,000 prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000 awaiting discovery.