Parkton Man Ready to Spring Winning Scratch-off Surprise

Claims $10,000 playing Super Triple 10s game

On his way to work Sunday night, Steven Cunningham of Parkton stopped by a 7-Eleven in search of a cold soda and a Maryland Lottery scratch-off. He left with a huge surprise to share with his wife!

The “once in a while” player, who is a night shift factory employee, picked out Super Triple 10s. While his $10 scratch-off didn’t deliver all of its $100,000 top prize, the $10,000 that he picked up Monday morning at Lottery headquarters suited Steven just fine.

“I just felt like playing before I started work,” the 48-year-old Baltimore County man told Lottery officials. “It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing. There was no method to it. I just randomly pointed to the Super Triple 10s ticket as the one I wanted.”

His lucky Lottery retailer was 7-Eleven #19677 located at 1752 Jarrettsville Road. As he scratched his game off in the Jarrettsville store, Steven saw match after match. He was sure that someone was playing a joke on him. “I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Every single one was a match.”

Keeping a lid on the joy that was trying to surface, Steven quickly left the store and worked his shift at the factory. He told no one – including his wife – of his Maryland Lottery luck. The morning he claimed his prize, he was considering how to surprise his wife with news of his good fortune.

“I can’t wait to see her face when I spring the news,” he said. “I’m heading home right now.”

Super Triple 10s debuted late last month and Steven is the first to win the game’s $10,000 prize. All six of the game’s $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-offs are still available along with 19 more $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000.