Parkville Man Enjoys Lucky Maryland Lottery Cash Explosion

Parkville’s lucky “Mr. SSS” claims his $50,000 scratch-off prize.

Scratch-off fan wins $50,000 on Cash Explosion game

Finding himself $10 short while at a convenience store to purchase a $30 scratch-off, a Parkville man “settled,” instead, for the $20 Cash Explosion instant ticket.  It was a close call, the lucky $50,000 winner told Maryland Lottery officials.

“For a moment I considered heading to the ATM because I was really in the mood for a $30 game,” he said. “Imagine what I would have missed out on!”

The 37-year-old state employee is a big fan of Maryland Lottery instant tickets, playing them several times a week.  He’s had luck in the past and recently won $20,000 in a My Lottery Rewards second-chance contest.  The Baltimore County resident was on his way to visit friends when he stopped at Lottery retailer E-Z Convenience at 8104 Loch Raven Boulevard in Towson. Visions of a $30 scratch-off filled his mind but he left with the lucky Cash Explosion instant ticket.

“I started scratching the play area and saw a $1,000 win almost immediately.  I was thrilled!” The more he scratched, the more automatic win symbols he found. “One of them was for $5,000! Then, one for $10,000!” All told, his Cash Explosion symbols and matches added up to $50,000.

After asking the owner of the establishment to confirm his good luck, the winner – who dubbed himself “Mr. SSS” – soon found himself posing for a picture with the store’s staff. “They were as excited as I was about the win.” While he didn’t tell his friends his big news that night, he did pick up the group’s tab. “They were surprised. I’ll clue them in eventually.”

“Mr. SSS” will put his Cash Explosion windfall into savings, paying bills and a vacation next year. His lucky $20 game debuted last August boasting seven $1 million top prizes. Five remain unclaimed. Nine of its 13 $50,000 second-tier prizes are also still available.