Parkville Man Shocked by $100,000 Win

Wins top prize on Double Cash scratch-off

Double CashWhen a Parkville man moved to the United States from China ten years ago, he never imagined that he would one day win $100,000 playing the Lottery.  Luck was on his side last week when he chose the Double Cash scratch-off and found that he was a top-prize winner. The 50-year-old was overjoyed when he arrived at the Lottery headquarters yesterday to claim his $100,000 Double Cash scratch-off win.

The Parkville resident frequently purchases his Lottery tickets at the Loch Raven Sunoco.  He bought the ticket on Sunday and scratched it in the store, returning later to ask the owner’s son, Jay, if he could cash the ticket.  Looking at the ticket, Jay informed him that it was too large of a prize to claim at the store, but graciously offered to drive the winner to the Baltimore Claims Center.

With some of his prize, the winner would like to put a down payment on a house.  The ticket was purchased at Loch Raven Sunoco, located at 8000 Loch Raven Blvd. in Baltimore.  The Double Cash scratch-off still has three $100,000 top prizes remaining.