Parkville Man Wins Race Against Hurricane Irene to Baltimore

Fred Seeman - Hot Hand

Parkville resident Fred Seeman claims his $50k prize.

Claims $50,000 Hot Hand Scratch-off Top Prize

Fred Seeman, a 54 year-old Parkville resident, beat Hurricane Irene to the Lottery Headquarters today to claim his $50,000 winning scratch-off.  “Scratch-offs are my favorite Lottery game, and I play Hot Hand quite often” Seeman explained. “I always buy my scratch-offs at the same 7-11, and joke with the employees there by requesting that they give me a winning ticket.” Seeman bought his lucky scratch-off Thursday afternoon, scratching it right in the store. “I thought it was only a $5,000 winner at first. I gave the ticket to one of the employees to be cashed, when he told me to scratch the rest. That was when I realized it was actually a $50,000 winner” he explained.

After scratching his way to wealth, Seeman took the ticket home and hid it in a safe spot where it could not be lost.  After calling his close friends and family to share the good news, the reality finally hit and he had a feeling explained as “a heavy burden lifted from his shoulders.” Seeman plans on paying off all of his debts, and sharing his good fortune with close friends. The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11 in Parkville located at 8605 Old Harford Road.