Parkville Resident Cleans Up With $50,000 Powerball Prize

Lynn Love of Parkville was a $50,000 winner in the June 7 Powerball drawing.

Quick stop for dishwasher detergent leads to big Lottery win

Lynn Love went into the grocery store on a mission to buy dishwasher detergent and left as a lucky Maryland Lottery winner. In addition to detergent, the Parkville resident bought a Powerball ticket that cleaned house to the tune of $50,000.

The 50-year-old purchased the lucky $2 ticket the afternoon of the June 7 drawing at Weis Markets #87 located at 9613 Harford Road in Baltimore.

“I went in there just to buy soap for the dishwasher, but I had $10 with me, so I decided to buy a ticket,” Lynn said.

The Baltimore County Public Schools employee was sitting in her car the next day, preparing to go to work, when she looked at the winning numbers from the drawing. “I was sitting there yelling at the ticket because I only had one number missing,” she said.

Indeed, she had matched four of the white balls and the red Power Ball number to win the third-tier prize of $50,000. At the time, however, Lynn didn’t know how much she’d won.

“I thought it was $10,000,” she said. “I texted a picture to my son to have him verify it, and then I called my boyfriend and told him I won $10,000.”

It wasn’t until later that her son called to inform her that she’d won a lot more than that.

“I was standing in the hall in school and he told me, and I just said, ‘Get outta here!’ ” she said with a smile.

Lynn has played Lottery games for years, especially enjoying Keno. Prior to her big Powerball win, her largest Lottery prize came years ago with a $1,000 win on the precursor to the current Multi-Match game. Lynn plans to use some of the Lottery prize on a summer vacation with her boyfriend.