Parkville Woman’s Lucky Numbers Score Big Win

Claims top prize on Bonus Match 5

A Parkville woman couldn’t contain her tears of joy when she realized she’d won the Maryland Lottery’s $50,000 top prize playing Bonus Match 5 on June 30. Years of playing her lucky set of numbers finally paid off for the happy winner.

“I didn’t even have to double check the ticket nor did I have second thoughts that maybe those weren’t my numbers,” said the loyal player. “I’ve been playing my numbers for so long I just knew I had won as soon as I saw them appear on the screen. I couldn’t help but start to cry!”

Being strategic about her win, the woman did not immediately come to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her prize. Instead, she informed a close friend who advised her to decide what she wanted to do with the money before she cashed in her ticket. The pair came to headquarters on July 5.

“As soon as I found out she had won, I told her that this was her time and to spend the money on herself,” said the friend. With no husband or children, the winner plans to do exactly that. She wants to pay off her bills, relax, sit back, and think about how to spend the rest of her fortune. She bought the ticket at Downtown Tobacco Outlet located at 500 West Lexington St. in Baltimore.