Pasadena Husband and Wife Win $50,000 Explosion of Cash

Take home $50,000 Cash Explosion prize

A 58-year-old avid Lottery player and his wife received a blast of cash after scratching their way to $50,000 playing the Cash Explosion scratch-off just days after Christmas.

The lucky player’s wife purchased the Cash Explosion ticket and a few other games at Grand Ritchie Liquors in Pasadena, after the holiday. She brought the tickets home and proceeded to scratch them.

“All I heard was ‘Oh my God’,” said the husband. “I yelled, ‘what’s going on up there’”.

The stationary engineer ran up the stairs to investigate, and found his wife holding up the scratch-off ticket saying it was too many numbers to count.

Upon further inspection of the game, he saw that almost every winning number had a match or revealed a winning symbol. “I tried to count it, but it was so many matches,” laughed the winner. “I handed it back to my wife.”

The excited grandparents finally added up all of the winning amounts and discovered the ticket was worth $50,000. They decided to lock the ticket up in a fire proof box and wait for the new year to claim the prize.

The winners shared with Lottery Officials that they will use the prize money for home improvements and will save the rest.