Pasadena Man “Strikes It Rich” [VIDEO]


Wins $50,000 Playing Scratch-off

Most every Lottery player has a system they believe will improve their chances of winning.  For a Pasadena couple, it’s a simple one: he picks out the games, she scratches them.

David Albers, a retired truck driver, began playing the Lottery’s Strike It Rich game after receiving one as a birthday gift.  “I’ve been winning with it pretty consistently and having fun, so I keep getting them,” he told officials.  “Though my girlfriend, Kathy, thinks I shouldn’t.”  In fact, she was sharing with him that exact sentiment while scratching his latest purchase.  David told us, “Kathy was getting on me a little bit about it when she just stopped mid-sentence.”  She suddenly realized that they won a $50,000 top prize.

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The couple is planning to use their winnings for a cruise and home improvements.  They struck it rich at the Mountain Road Dash In, located at 103 Mountain Road in Pasadena.  The Strike it Rich game offers a second chance to win a multitude of cash prizes and amazing baseball experiences.  You can find contest details at

David Albers - Strike It Rich

David Albers, from Pasadena, “strikes it rich” with $50,000 top prize!