Pasadena Mom ‘Hit it Big’ to Win $50,000 Lottery Scratch-off Prize

Home repairs, new truck tires and college classes are among plans this Pasadena family has for the $50,000 prize they won on a Hit it Big scratch-off. Congratulations!

Homemaker plans to spend first major prize to benefit the family

A Pasadena homemaker whose excitement grew as she scratched her way to her first major Maryland Lottery win found herself struggling, at the end, to add up all of the prizes on her Hit it Big scratch-off. The lucky lady won $50,000!

Her husband, who works as a welder, was resting on the couch when she brought her lucky $20 ticket home from the 7-Eleven in Pasadena. She tries to buy new scratch-offs when she visits the store, which is one of her two favorite Lottery retailers. The $20 Hit it Big instant ticket, which carries a $1 million top prize, launched June 22.

“I usually don’t play the $20 ones,” she said. “I felt like it was drawing me to it.”

The first prize amount the mother of two adult children revealed as she scratched the ticket in the family kitchen was an astounding $10,000.

“I started screaming to him, ‘You aren’t going to believe it! I won $10,000!’ I don’t think he believed me,” she said. Her husband stayed on the couch as the 45-year-old resumed scratching off the ticket and revealed even more prizes. “I kept yelling out the amounts to him,” she said. “$1,000! $5,000! $1,000!”

After scratching off the entire ticket, she was in shock. “It took me about 10 minutes to add it all up,” she said.

The winner and her husband, who joined her to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, said they plan to use the prize money to pay for multiple home repairs and other important family projects. They plan to replace their roof, repair their air conditioning, put new tires on their truck, address some health issues and send their daughter back to college to resume classes to become a nurse. Their son is a U.S. Marine.

The loyal player hopes this isn’t the last time she hits it big with the Lottery. She’s already tried her luck with a second Hit it Big ticket and won a small amount. Want to try your luck at her 7-Eleven? The retailer is located at 3820 Mountain Road in Pasadena.