Pasadena Pair FAST PLAY Their Way to $50,000 Prize

Mom, son win playing FAST PLAY Money Multiplier game

Junior may have bought the ticket this time, but both members of a Lottery-playing family in Pasadena wound up winners. A FAST PLAY ticket – Money Multiplier – was the instrument that delivered their $50,000 payday and some welcome relief from bills.

The son is a landscaper and a big Maryland Lottery fan. He stepped into the path of Lottery luck when he stopped by 7-Eleven #32311 at 2800 Mountain Road in Pasadena on the way to work Thursday morning.

“I needed to gas up my equipment and get a cold drink,” he said. “I buy my Lottery tickets in the evening, usually. Since I was there, I asked for a Money Multiplier.” Having had luck with the $10 game recently, he wasn’t surprised to see a $50 win when he scanned his ticket.

“I was about to walk away when it occurred to me that there might have been too many zeros on the screen.” A second check followed by a third (to be extra sure) revealed the truth. The Anne Arundel County man had just FAST PLAYed his way to Money Multiplier’s second biggest prize, $50,000.

“I couldn’t believe it. My landscaping crew couldn’t believe it. The other customers in there couldn’t believe it and the cashier couldn’t. It was a crazy scene!” A call to his Lottery teammate produced a similar reaction. “The person who couldn’t believe it the most was mom. She took some convincing.”

The Pasadena players each plan to pay off debt with the prize and share their winnings with family members.

The Money Multiplier game is one of 18 FAST PLAY games available. The popular ticket still has 26 of its $100,000 top prizes available as well as 16 more $50,000 second-tier prizes.