Peaceful, Easy Sunday Produces $100,000 Scratch-off Payout

Hagerstown’s Ronald Pfeiffer claimed the first $100,000 top prize on The Money Game scratch-off.

Hagerstown man describes top-prize win as a blessing 

A day of taking it easy was the key to a Hagerstown retiree’s $100,000 scratch-off win. After working all week on a family home improvement project, Ronald Pfeiffer took Sunday off for relaxing, doing chores and playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.

The 64-year-old former Maryland state government worker said Lottery luck arrived while he and his brother-in-law enjoyed a day off from working on a home addition. Ronald’s chores that day included cutting the lawn and running to the Smoker Friendly store in town to buy instant tickets. While there, he decided to try a new scratch-off and selected The Money Game, a $10 scratch-off. Ronald played the instant tickets later at home and matched one of the five winning numbers, revealing the shocking $100,000 top prize.

“I had to look at it a few times before doing anything else. I just couldn’t believe it,” Ronald said. “This is definitely a thrill – the opportunity of a lifetime. Discovering the winning ticket is a blessing as far as I’m concerned.”

He told Lottery officials that he has a few ideas for his lucky windfall, such as paying bills, boosting his savings account and taking a long-awaited vacation with his wife.

Ronald found the first top prize in The Money Game. The instant ticket, which went on sale statewide on Aug. 22, has more than 700,000 prizes, including eight unclaimed $100,000 top prizes and 31 $10,000 prizes.

The site of this lucky Lottery sale, Smoker Friendly, is located at 615 Dual Highway in Hagerstown. For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off, the lucky Lottery retailer will earn a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.