Persistence Pays Off for Laurel Man

Wins $50,000 on Bonus Match 5

Bonus Match 5Unemployed, with tuition to pay, the win came just in the knick of time for the lucky Laurel man who struck it rich yesterday. A big fan of Lottery play, the 48-year-old  has been playing Pick 4 and Bonus Match 5 faithfully for nearly 30 years. His persistence paid off to the tune of $50,000 when he hit all five numbers playing Bonus Match 5. .

“I used a combination of birth dates and random numbers,” said the winner. He discovered his win on “Something told me to look online. I saw the winning numbers then checked my numbers three times to make sure.  I was shocked,” he added.

The happy player will use his winnings to get his daughter through her final year of college.  He also intends to pay other bills and take his wife of 33 years on a cruise. “I am so thankful for this,” he said.   The winning ticket was purchased at Laurel Liquors on 420 Sandy Spring Rd. in Laurel.