Perusing Games at the Pump Leads to $50,000 FAST PLAY Fill Up

FAST PLAY novice wins top prize on Jack Frost Jackpot game

A lucky government worker is thanking her commute today for a Maryland Lottery boost to her bank account. A long trip home, a timely gas tank fill up and one of the Lottery’s new FAST PLAY games combined to fill the lucky lady’s wallet with $50,000 in winnings.

The 57-year-old purchased the top-prize winning FAST PLAY Jack Frost Jackpot ticket during her commute. She was passing filling stations on the way home, hoping to find a low price per gallon, when she pulled into 7-Eleven #39388 in Harwood for a fill up and a few Lottery games.

Although she had never tried FAST PLAY games, the anonymous Marylander purchased a pair of Jack Frost Jackpot tickets along with a scratch-off. Several of her tickets were non-winners, but when she checked her final FAST PLAY ticket with the store clerk, the FAST PLAY novice noticed something different.

“The clerk asked me why I wasn’t excited. Then, she told me that I had just won $50,000,” said the winner.

The lucky player told Lottery officials she plans to get her parents each a nice present for Christmas and put the remainder in her savings account.

The winter-themed Jack Frost Jackpot game joined the Maryland Lottery’s lineup of FAST PLAY games in November, offering players a chance to win prizes from $5 to $50,000 in an instant. This $5 game still has 26 $50,000 top prizes remaining.