PG County Woman’s Special Treat Brings Extra Special Surprise

Wins $50,000 top prize on Money Surplus scratch-off

Money SurplusA Fort Washington woman was on her way to work this morning when she stopped to purchase four Money Surplus scratch-offs. She and her husband had recently agreed that they were going to tighten their belts and buying Lottery tickets would be a special indulgence. Now, they are both thankful that she decided to make today the day to treat herself.

The second ticket the 53-year-old scratched was a big winner.  “I kept looking at the star symbol and then I asked the clerk if I was seeing a $50,000 winning ticket,” she told Lottery officials.  “He told me it was.”  The lucky winner immediately called her boss and told him that something had come up and she’d be late for work.

The Management Program Analyst quickly made a u–turn and went back home. She told her husband of 24 years that she had bought a few Lottery tickets this morning.  She then showed him the winning Money Surplus ticket pointing at the $50,000.  “I was in disbelief,” her husband said with a smile.  “We then jumped up and down and began to laugh.  Of course it was a pleasant surprise.”

The winner hopes to return to Lottery Headquarters later this year with a million dollar win.  “Until then, everything will pretty much stay the same. We’ll pay bills, help our family and save some money. The only difference now is that I will start to play the Lottery,” her husband said with a chuckle.