Pharaoh’s Gold Prize On Board for Retired Navy Man

Baltimore man wins $30,000 top prize on Pharaoh’s Gold scratch-off

The spry 91-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters yesterday with his family in tow to claim his $30,000 Pharaoh’s Gold prize. Retired from the Navy, with construction and landscaping work on his resume, he now adds “Lottery Winner” to his list of titles.

The happy player purchased his ticket around 6 pm on Sunday evening, but it wasn’t until later that night that he discovered his win. “I was sitting out front of my house around 9 pm,” said the winner. “My wife, son and daughter-in-law were there when I scratched the ticket.”

Reacting with disbelief, the man handed the ticket to his wife, who examined it and then handed it to her daughter-in-law. Finally, after the third inspection, the daughter-in-law proclaimed the big win. “You won. You won $30,000.” The family quickly quieted down, wishing to keep the win to themselves. The winner then gave the ticket to his wife for safe-keeping. “I didn’t believe it,” said the winner’s wife. “Not until we came here and everyone clapped for us and congratulated us did it really sink in.”

Plans for the prize money include a nice dinner out this evening with the entire family, a trip to Atlantic City later in the month and banking some for the future. The winning ticket was sold at E-Z Convenience, 5822 Hillen Rd. Baltimore.