Phlebotomist Enjoys Pulse-Quickening Scratch-off Win

$10K Maximum Jackpot-Gee_web

Natalie Gee of Baltimore is ecstatic about her lucky purchase of a $10,000 Maximum Jackpot scratch-off!

Baltimore woman wins $10,000 playing Maximum Jackpot game

Phlebotomist Natalie Gee experienced a pulse-quickening moment that the lucky scratch-off fan will never forget – she won $10,000 on the Maryland Lottery’s Maximum Jackpot game.

Natalie won early on a Sunday morning when she stopped to buy a $10 instant ticket at a 7-Eleven in Baltimore. The Johns Hopkins employee hopped back into her car and scratched the instant ticket en route to the grocery. She scratched a bit of the instant ticket at each traffic light until she had uncovered matches on every line. When the Baltimore resident added up the prizes and saw several $500s, $100s and $50s, she realized the prize totaled $10,000.

“It was one of my best days – I’ll always remember that day,” Natalie said.

In fact, the 56-year-old was so excited she had to pull her car over and let the surprise of the win wash over her. “I kept thinking this is testimony that winning is really real,” she said. “People really win.”

The lucky winner has worked in the medical field for 19 years and is a phlebotomist leader at the Johns Hopkins Orleans Street campus. Natalie may use her prize to make home improvements and increase her savings account. She also hopes to win again very soon! “I’m coming back to win a million,” Natalie said.

A regular customer at the 7-Eleven located at 7330 Harford Road, Natalie plans to return to the lucky store where Lottery players gather. The players know the owner and meet to play scratch-offs while enjoying their morning coffee, she said.

They may find more Lottery luck playing the $10 Maximum Jackpot game. It still has lots of unclaimed prizes, including four $100,000 top prizes and eight more $10,000 prizes.