Phoenix Senior Captures $50,000 Prize in Powerball Jackpot Chase

On a mission to keep win top secret

Say the words “Powerball jackpot” to a 91-year-old from Phoenix, Md., and you might see a smile and a sparkle in his eye. You won’t, however, hear a word from him about his recent $50,000 top-secret Powerball win.

The retired businessman decided to join the jackpot chase as it rose to a world-record $1.6 billion before being hit Jan. 13 by players in three states.

“I play a couple of dollars from time to time,” he said after claiming the prize he won in the Jan. 9 drawing. “When we saw the numbers heading up we decided to get a ticket.” The grandfather of one bought a $10 quick-pick ticket on Friday, Jan. 8, at his favorite Lottery retailer, the Royal Farms at 3209 Jarrettsville Pike in Monkton.

He and his wife, who are the parents of one, were headed to Bel Air on Monday, Jan. 11, and checked the ticket. She thought it was worth $100. While she pumped gas at the same Royal Farms, he went in to cash the ticket.

“He came out to the car and he had the funniest look on his face and I said, ‘Did I goof?’ ” she said. They couldn’t believe their good luck!

The two aren’t certain yet what they will do with their prize and plan to save it for now.