Photo Processor Sees $100,000 Prize Develop Before His Eyes

Hyattsville Man Wins Money Money Money Scratch-off Top-Prize

Money Money MoneyA darkroom technician from Hyattsville claimed a $100,000 top prize after playing a Money, Money Money scratch-off ticket. The 43-year-old splits his time between two jobs, often working up to 17 hours per day. When he’s not working, he likes to play the Maryland Lottery, mostly scratching off tickets.

Last week, when he hadn’t had any recent luck with tickets, he decided to change things up a bit. “I changed the store that I purchase from and I changed the ticket,” he said. “I wondered where my luck had flown away.” Although typically believed to be an unlucky number, he even decided to try the tickets from dispenser number 13 for a change.

When he scratched his Money Money Money scratch-off, he wasn’t sure what he was seeing. “I kept looking at the ticket to make sure I was 100 percent sure,” said the winner. “When I realized how much I won, my eyes got as bright as flashlights.”

The lucky winner plans to use his winnings to purchase a laptop for his children, add to his savings and to pay off some debt. The winning ticket was purchased at CT Diamond Jewelry on East University Boulevard in Silver Spring. Money Money Money scratch-off still has two $100,000 top-prizes remaining.