Pikesville Couple Claims Second-Tier Powerball Prize

Lifelong sweethearts arrived at Lottery headquarters hand-in-hand yesterday to claim their $200,000 second-tier Powerball prize.  The winners, who both recently retired from their respective careers, do everything together.  That is, everything except playing Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot games.  “I play one dollar per game per week,” the wife said, “and my husband plays five dollars per game.”  “We buy the tickets separately.”

She always keeps the tickets in her wallet and checks them every few weeks at a local retailer.  When she saw the “see attendant” message on the ticket scanner yesterday morning, she felt her heartbeat increase.  “I thought I won $10,000 and called my husband screaming with excitement.”  “We still can’t believe it’s $200,000!”

The couple, who chose to remain anonymous, believes they were destined to be together; they met in kindergarten class at Pimlico Elementary School and formed a life-long bond.  The have now been married for forty-six years and have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.  They have no extravagant plans for the money and plan to give a portion to their children and save the rest.