Pikesville Winner Refuses to Believe Her Luck

Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Bonus Match 5After taking a two-month break from the game, a Pikesville housewife decided yesterday that it was time to play Bonus Match 5 again.  She had enjoyed the game for years but money became extra tight in recent months so she gave it up.  She picked the perfect night and the perfect numbers – family birthdays – to begin playing again, the result being a $50,000 win.

She and her husband missed the televised drawing but saw the winning numbers listed later in the evening.  “They looked mighty familiar,” she told officials, “I yelled to my husband that we might have won big.  He didn’t believe me and I didn’t really believe it either.”  With help from their grandson they confirmed the win, checking the numbers on the Lottery’s website.  Even then, she was still doubtful.  Even well into the claiming process she was still doubtful.  “I know it’s really happened, but it’s hard to let myself believe.”

The couple’s family will be the main beneficiaries from their Bonus Match 5 win.  The winning ticket was sold at Royal Farm located at 2330 Smith Ave. in Pikesville.