Pit Stop Before Work Turns into $100,000 Win

A shocked Dianna Comes shows off her big win
before returning to work

Harford county woman takes home A Wreath of Franklins top prize

Dianna Comes of Churchville had picked up an extra shift the day after Christmas to help bring in extra income for her family. On her way into work, she stopped for coffee and an A Wreath of Franklins scratch-off. Once she settled in for the morning, she checked her ticket from earlier and saw she had won $100,000.

Originally Comes thought she had won $10,000 and began celebrating, but after she finished uncovering all of the numbers, the total amounted to $100,000. “When I uncovered the second matching number, all I thought was how I had to keep scratching,” she said.

At her co-workers’ insistence, she took her lunch break early and came into Lottery headquarters to claim her prize. “I haven’t even told my husband yet,” the furniture store employee said. “I’m going to show him the picture with me and the giant check as proof!”

The Churchville woman wasn’t sure if she would be able to concentrate when she went back to work, “I’ll cry later I’m sure,” she said. “I’m just not sure how I’m going to be able to focus on the furniture today.”

Comes is interested in taking a fishing trip with her husband who is a commercial fisher to Key West. “This money is like having $1 million, it couldn’t have come at a better time for us,” she said. “I’m a saver so we’ll make this money last.” The winning ticket was sold at 7-11 #11620, located at 206 Baltimore Pike in Bel Air.