‘Play It Again Sam’ Wins 2nd $50,000 Top Prize in Two Years

Clinton man wins again in Dec. 15 drawing

When you have a favorite song, you might play it on repeat and the same holds true for a Clinton man and his favorite Maryland Lottery game. “Play it Again Sam” recently tried his luck with that favorite game — Bonus Match 5 — and won its top prize for a second time! His second $50,000 prize came in the Dec. 15 drawing, which was about a year after the top prize came his way in November 2019.

His latest win was similar to his 2019 win. Both times, the home services contractor rushed into a store to purchase a few tickets before rushing off. Both times, after the drawings, the 54-year-old was happily delayed when a $50,000 prize message flashed back at him when he checked his tickets.

“Play It Again Sam” told Lottery officials the secret to his success involved a set of significant numbers and the way he played them. He cobbled together his winning combination back in July, combining family birth dates and favorite sports jersey numbers. The Prince George’s County resident also used a special feature of the Bonus Match 5 game to gain additional chances to win. A $1 ticket will give players a standard game board but they can add additional boards, or lines of numbers, for $1 each up to $6. “Play It Again Sam” wagered $6 to have nine lines of numbers on his ticket.

“Winning this again is so big and beautiful. It feels so good,” he said.

With his 2019 prize, he paid a few bills, put a down payment on a new truck and put the rest in savings. This time, he will boost his savings with part of the windfall and get new technology for two of his teenaged family members who are attending classes online during the pandemic. “Mostly, I just want to recognize how well they are doing and put a smile on their faces,” he said.

His lucky Lottery retailer was Westlake Wine & Beer located at 10442 Autopark Avenue in Bethesda. For selling a top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket, the Montgomery County retailer will earn a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

“Play It Again Sam” won the 30th Bonus Match 5 top prize of 2020. The year saw 32 lucky winners accomplish this feat. Our winner claimed his prize earlier this month.