Player Born Lucky Hits Bingo X10 for $100,000 Top Prize

Prince George’s County man reports winning began as a toddler

After claiming a $100,000 top prize in the Maryland Lottery’s Bingo X10 scratch-off game, a player from New Carrollton discussed having a charmed life.

“I was lucky ever since I was a little baby,” said the 73-year-old winner. “My father used to say, ‘You’re lucky.’ ” When he was three years old, for example, his father entered his name in an office pool that included the names of the children of about 60 co-workers. Our scratch-off player won.

And, that’s not all. About 17 years ago, he won $51,000 playing the Lottery. More recently, he played a lucky number combination in the Pick 3 game that paid off twice to the tune of $7,800. And, the Prince George’s County resident has won varying amounts on other games. The weekly player will get a feeling about a number, play it and sometimes win.

“I saw a license plate number with 617 several times,” he said, giving another winning example. “I played it and won $500.”

This $100,000 top prize is his biggest ever. With the proceeds, he plans to help his adult son and daughter clear their college debts. The lucky man also plans to help his son buy a house and will dine out with his wife to celebrate his win. Helping his children, he said, will buy him peace of mind.

“At my age, I don’t want to have to stress over this,” he said.

Sharing in his good fortune is the place where he bought the scratch-off. E&C Mid Atlantic, doing business as the BP gas station at 12300 Annapolis Road in Glenn Dale, receives a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize scratch-off. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.

The $10 Bingo X10 game debuted in 2018. The popular game has only one unclaimed top prize remaining along with two $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000.