Player Enjoys a Side of $50,000 with Cup of Coffee

Glen Burnie woman claims prize playing Lucky 777 scratch-off

An occasional scratch-off player is still in disbelief after scratching her way to a $50,000 win playing the Lucky 777 game. “Miracles Happen,” a nickname chosen by the anonymous winner for publicity purposes, picked the game while grabbing a cup of coffee about a month ago.

The Glen Burnie woman was out and about when she stopped at Royal Farms #098 in Millersville. After getting her warm beverage, “Miracles Happen” decided to buy some scratch-offs and included the Lucky 777 instant ticket. The 54-year-old gathered her things and went home before playing the games.

When she started playing the Lucky 777 ticket, she was shocked. “Miracles Happen” revealed four automatic-win, four leaf clover symbols with $5,000 prizes beneath. She grew even more astonished when she uncovered a 3X symbol.

“I just couldn’t believe when I saw $10,000 under that symbol,” she said. “That’s when it really got freaky.”

“Miracles Happen” was shaken and said she just had to call her sister to share the joyful moment. Her sister, who refused to believe what happened until she saw the scratch-off, held onto it for safekeeping until “Miracles Happen” could claim the prize in Baltimore last week.

The lucky mother and grandmother, who works in sales, says even though the instant ticket was verified and claimed, she won’t really believe her $50,000 win is real until the check is deposited into her bank account. She plans to use some of the winnings to buy something nice for her family and will save the rest.

The $20 Lucky 777 instant ticket, which went on sale last year, has a top prize of $1 million. Three top prizes are still unclaimed. The game also has five more $50,000 prizes awaiting discovery and over 500,000 prizes ranging from $20 to $10,000 left in the game.

If you want to visit the lucky place where “Miracles Happen” purchased her big winner, the Royal Farms #098 is located at 8198 Veterans Highway in Millersville.