Player Finds $10,000 Prize on Scratch-off Bought in October

Harford County woman set unscratched ticket aside

171-Bingo-Times-10-ITVM_P1-purplePlaying Maryland Lottery scratch-offs is one of a Whiteford woman’s favorite leisure activities when her busy life slows down. Last October, the owner of an HVAC company selected a Bingo Times 10 ticket to enjoy when one of those quiet moments next arrived. A month passed before she even knew she’d won $10,000 on the $5 game.

Her lucky ticket was waiting for her at the Belair Mart located at 6109 Belair Road in Baltimore.

“I stopped in to fill up the tank and, while I was there, I grabbed a ticket,” said the 53-year-old. “I really enjoy the crossword and bingo games, so I get them whenever I happen to be in a store.” She set the lucky ticket aside, unscratched, and went about her day.

“I don’t always have a chance to play the tickets right away,” she said. “When there’s a quiet afternoon or evening, I’ll sit down to enjoy them.”

Our busy winner remained calm when she saw the matches appear on her Bingo Times 10 game. “I had some unexpected expenses last year that really set me back,” she said. “This will solve that problem, bring me back to even. It’s a real relief!”

The Harford County resident waited until February to cash her winning ticket because she wanted the prize on the books in 2016. “It sure does give the year a good start!” Bingo Times 10, which debuted last July, has one $50,000 top prize remaining and one other $10,000 winner still in stores.