Player Picks Perfect Time to Play Different Lottery Game

Retiree wins $28,948 on Trifecta Box bet

A retired federal employee is $28,948 richer after deciding to play Racetrax, which is not his Maryland Lottery game of choice.

“Something told me to play the Racetrax game that morning and I am so happy I did,” said the Brandywine resident, who is a big Keno fan.

The 44-year-old walked into his favorite retailer, Dysons Store in Brandywine, and placed one quick-pick Trifecta Box bet on the 8, 9 and 10 horses. He added the Bonus multiplier option to his ticket, too. To win, his horses had to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in any order and they did! The Bonus multiplier of 4 boosted his prize to $28,948.

“Right on time,” said the lucky winner. “It’s all about timing and this is perfect timing for me.”

The Prince George’s County resident just opened his own business and plans to spend his windfall on his endeavor. Within hours of his win, he was sitting in Maryland Lottery headquarters claiming his prize. “This will surely give me the boost I need to promote it,” he said.

His lucky retailer, Dysons Store located at 13706 Brandywine Road, is also a winner. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the retailer earned a $289 bonus from the Lottery.