Player’s $1 Million Multi-Match Win Became ‘The Talk of the Town’

He’s the “Talk of the Town” on the Eastern Shore for buying the $1 million winning Multi-Match ticket in the March 23 drawing.

In-state jackpot game delivers exhilarating experience

Eastern Shore residents who are still buzzing about the $1 million winning Multi-Match ticket sold at 7-Eleven #19283 in Berlin in the March 23 drawing have a new reason to celebrate. Not only was the winning ticket sold locally, but it also was bought by a local Worcester County resident.

The new millionaire just claimed his big prize Friday at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The home improvement worker was shocked to see he matched all six numbers on his Multi-Match ticket to become the second $1 million Multi-Match jackpot winner in 2017. Another happy player claimed a $1.35 million jackpot in the Jan. 16 Multi-Match drawing.

The happy handyman, calling himself  “The Talk of the Town,” told Lottery officials he began playing the $2 Multi-Match game in January. The Eastern Shore resident was attracted to the game’s low overall odds and chance at a big payoff. Less than three months later, both the game’s odds and jackpot caught up with him. Watching his lucky quick-pick numbers appear live was a startling experience that left the winner struggling to grasp what had just happened. When the results of the drawing sunk in, he couldn’t contain his joy.

“I just started laughing and it continued for nearly 10 minutes straight,” said the winner.

The lucky man stashed his ticket in his cookie jar and began calling family members to share his delight.

Multi-Match players can select or let the Lottery terminal select six numbers and receive two additional lines of Quick Pick numbers for $2. Players can often win on each of these lines in either of two methods. “The Talk of the Town” did just that, winning a $20 prize in addition to his $1 million on another line on his ticket.

“It just keeps getting better,” he said. “I live at the beach, so this win is the cherry on top.” He told Lottery officials he plans to save the prize and have a bit of fun with his winnings. In addition, he plans to share a bit of his good fortune with family members.

The win also is good news for the lucky retailer. The 7-Eleven #19283 located at 11055 Racetrack Road in Berlin will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a Multi-Match top-prize of $1 million.