Plumber Unclogs Pipeline to $50,000 Lottery Win

Finds lucky $1 Million Fortune scratch-off at his favorite retailer

158-$1-Million-Fortune-ITVM_P1-AquaA Washington, D.C. plumber is flush with success after winning $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery $1 Million Fortune scratch-off at his favorite retailer.

The grandfather of five, who enjoyed a no-work snow day because of the hazardous Jan. 6 road conditions, waited for the storm to pass and claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The Anne Arundel County resident often stops by the Arnold Sunoco at 1506 Ritchie Highway in Arnold to play Maryland Lottery scratch-offs and buy Mega Millions and Pick 3 tickets. He sometimes splits the cost of $5 and $10 tickets with a store employee and they often win small amounts. His strategy includes researching scratch-offs on the Lottery website at to see how many top-prize winning tickets are unclaimed in each game.

“If I win anything, I play the $20 scratch-off,” he said. On the fateful day he found his $50,000 prize, the 60-something happy player reinvested a small win into the purchase of the $20 $1 Million Fortune scratch-off.

After scratching the ticket off in the store, the Arnold man thought at first that he held a $20,000 winning ticket. He saw the word “double” over one $10,000 prize. Then, he spotted a second $10,000 match. His scratch-off friend found two more matches that turned his ticket into a $50,000 winner. “She was so excited, she went crazy!” he said. The father of two adult children plans to use his prize to pay bills.