Poolesville Pub’s Ponies Deliver 2nd Big Racetrax Win

$13,587 Racetrax PoolesvillePoolesville resident William Lynch, who let Lady Luck take the reins, won $13,587 on a Racetrax Trifecta bet!

Local man wins $13,587 on Trifecta bet

Schmoogie Boogman, you did it again!

Poolesville resident William Lynch, aka Schmoogie to his friends, was enjoying an evening out at Cuginis Restaurant & Bar in Poolesville when he made a $13,587 decision. The loyal Maryland Lottery player decided to give Lady Luck the reins and let the terminal quick pick his next Racetrax game. He placed a $1 Trifecta bet and watched the No. 10, 12 and 7 horses cross that finish line in perfect order to deliver his prize.

“I’m not surprised,” he said, looking over at his wife of almost 30 years and smiling. “I am the luckiest man in the world. I’ve got her!”

The father of two adult daughters won $8,321 on a Racetrax Superfecta bet in the very same establishment in 2014. This time, when the patrons saw his Trifecta win, “everybody in the bar pulled out their money,” Schmoogie said. The patrons begged the 50-year-old to share his Racetrax secret so they could win, too. “It’s all luck,” he said.

The wholesale car dealer and his wife often travel together as part of their business and stopped by Lottery headquarters, which was along the way, to claim the prize. The Montgomery County duo have several ideas for spending the money. The grandparents of two will give some of the prize to charity and expect to help a daughter with her April wedding.

Schmoogie plays Powerball and Mega Millions regularly but with less success – so far – than his Racetrax record. He keeps trying, though, just like his Racetrax-playing pals at Cuginis, which is located at 19616 H. Fisher Ave. in Poolesville.