Positive Attitude is Winning Formula for Baltimore Man

Claims $30,000 Winter Green Scratch-Off Prize

Michael Stevens - Winter GreenMichael Stevens has had a tough couple of years – disabled on the job, now unemployed, he’s going through things that would bring many of us down.  Despite the setbacks, Michael is upbeat and optimistic – and this was before he won $30,000 playing the Maryland Lottery’s Winter Green scratch-off.

“I don’t get too down,” he told officials. “Even when the world’s crashing down around me.  That’s giving up.  I won’t do that.”  With that positive outlook in play, Michael purchased his Winter Green scratch-off and experienced a welcome windfall.

“I scratched the ticket at home with my girlfriend.  I wasn’t sure I was reading it correctly so I passed it to her to check.”  That careful review produced the news he hoped to hear.  “Thank goodness that wall was there to hold me up,” said Michael with a chuckle. Michael purchased his winning ticket at the Ritchie Highway Citgo, located at 7237 Ritchie Hwy. in Glen Burnie.