Power of Two Gives Salisbury Sisters a $10,000 Lottery Prize

Sisters Shari Hall (left) and Aileen (right) pooled winnings from a Cloud 9 scratch-off and $5 in change to purchase their $10,000 top-prize 10x Cash instant ticket.

Winnings from Cloud 9 scratch-off help purchase 10x Cash winning scratch-off

Already on “Cloud 9” after winning $5 with a Maryland Lottery scratch-off by that very name, two sisters pooled that prize plus $5 in change to achieve a powerful $10,000 10x Cash scratch-off win.

Shari Hall, 58, and Aileen, 52, discovered their lucky ticket when they stopped for fuel at the Salisbury Crown. Shari, an Ocean City area housing inspector, fueled the car while Aileen, a compression operator for a pharmaceutical company, went into the Lottery retailer to buy beauty products and cash her $5 winning Cloud 9 scratch-off. Lottery luck wasn’t quite finished with these Salisbury sisters! Shari combined $5 in change with her sister’s prize to purchase the winning scratch-off.

The Wicomico County women began screaming in the store as they uncovered a $1,000 prize for every spot on the popular $10 ticket. Their excitement grew, becoming so overwhelming the two women left the store and headed home to finish scratching the ticket. They won the $10,000 top prize!

The pair shared the news with family members and a few co-workers, and planned to celebrate the win with jumbo crabs and wine. Aside from paying bills with their prize, the sisters have shopping in mind. Shari plans to update her wardrobe and Aileen hopes to purchase a car.

According to Salisbury Crown Manager Tharaka Liyanage, this win was one of the largest at the retailer located at 28768 Ocean Gateway in Salisbury.

The 10x Cash scratch-off still has more than 50 top-level prizes remaining, with 44 $10,000 prizes and 24 $1,000 prizes. The ticket launched in March with more than 100,000 total prizes.